Trevor Stubbs | Trevor Stubbs, Author of Kicking Tree, Ultimate Justice, Winds and Wonders
Author of Young Adult fiction, notably the White Gates Adventures series. International Consultant for Bishop Gwynne College, Juba, South Sudan,
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Do you want to have some fun?! Yeah? Well join me on the roller-coaster of adventure that is the White Gates series!

Here there are highs and lows as courageous and… er… foolhardy, pigheaded, daredevil, nervous, heart-broken, over-worked, generous, irresistible teenage characters get caught up in all sorts of hair-raising and amazing situations by simply pushing open an intriguing white gate; a white gate that shouldn’t be there… but is!

They meet new people in places and planets they never knew existed, and narrowly avoid being swept up in the catastrophic events that await them. They don’t always leave unscathed, however, so prepare yourself for some shocks. The truth is, no-one is immune from the evil that happens in the universe – no-one stands outside of it, not even its Creator – so you have been warned!

There are four books in the series and, like Happy Potter, they get increasingly dark. But, also like Harry Potter, love wins in the end. But let us say no more – I don’t want to get it in the neck for spoilers!

Have fun!

By the way, although these books are classed as Young Adult, I have discovered that I have fans – 
both men and women – of all agesLots of us believe that young people have much to contribute to our world – and the universe – and we can all enjoy travelling with them.



The White Gates Adventures series takes us around the cosmos with Jack, Jalli, Momori, Matilda, Kakko, Tam, Shaun, Bandi, Abby and a host of other characters, each with their own personalities and ideas of what life is about – and how to make the most of it.
Explore with them their inner depths, as well as the wide expanse of the universe…

In the White Gates Adventures, teenagers and young adults encounter drama, pain, excitement, danger and elation… whatever else life is, it is neither boring, nor meaningless. This is a universe where Kakko works on the fourth generation of intrahelical engines for interplanetary space travel… and calls God: ‘She’.



“Wonderful Story. Its a great adventure that made me cry. I love the two main characters who meet across the Universe…” Miss S (Amazon  star-1star-1star-1star-1star-1)


“An Interesting Read. Was encouraged to read this book by a friend at church. Was not disappointed. An excellent way of putting Christianity in a modern perspective. Very thought provoking too.” Aidie (Amazon star-1star-1star-1star-1 )


 “… a perfect book for the adult-literacy teacher trying to encourage teens to read, with its strong narrative structure, simple vocabulary, and positive, active role-models. There are all too few authors who write well for this market, and Stubbs is one of them.” – Church Times


 “Trevor Stubbs has an interesting philosophy of life: ‘I hate injustice and oppression, especially against the weak and the vulnerable and want to speak out.’ Trevor uses his undoubted skills as a master storyteller and a magical weaver of tales to bring about such justice.” – That’s Books and Entertainment


“Five Stars. Very good. Suitable for young people. I am a bit old for it but enjoyed it nevertheless.” Glenys Brown (Amazon star-1star-1star-1star-1star-1)

White Gates Adventures

All four books in the White Gates series are available to buy here at £7.80 each which includes postage to places in the UK and a donation of £2 per book to Confident Children in South Sudan. Ebooks available at Amazon. For book sales outside of the UK inquire through the contacts page for postage costs.