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Trevor Stubbs is the author of the books, Kicking Tree and Ultimate Justice.
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About the Author


Trevor Stubbs. Born in 1948, I spent my childhood in the grey days of the 1950s, in the very ordinary town of Northampton, England. The only truly inspiring thing I remember of those days, was when Northampton Town FC beat Arsenal 3-1 in the FA Cup in 1959. However, things were set to change as the 1960s burst into the gloom. As a teenager, I was immersed in the Beatles, girls in mini-skirts, David Frost, soon to be followed by hippies, Joan Baez and the antiwar protests. The church was changing too. For the first time in centuries we could read the bible and worship in contemporary English. It is impossible to over-emphasise the significance of this period – it was a battle of the generations – and I was part of it. Wow! I knew it was a privilege even then.


And fifty years on, I am still a rebel! I have served as a parish priest and taught in a theological college. I have worked in Britain (North and South), Australia, Papua New Guinea and South Sudan. But in all of this, I haven’t lost my young heart and my concern for the young. And so you will still find me in the youth club, and writing fantasy-fiction for young adults. The world – life – should be about having fun, and enabling as many people as possible to know how to enjoy it. Yet, for millions of young people, the world is a rotten place – starving, displaced, deprived of education, abused and ignored. If I can do just a little bit to change that, then my own life will have been worthwhile.


I now live in Keynsham near Bristol. Back in the 1960s all young people knew where this place was as it was made famous by Horace Bachelor on Radio Luxembourg… So, at last, I have come to live somewhere cool!

Trevor Stubbs Juba
Trevor teaching in Juba