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Trevor Stubbs is the author of the books, Kicking Tree and Ultimate Justice.
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Hi! This summer has been a very exciting one with several special events in the Bristol area, and Dorset, Somerset, Yorkshire and London, too. I have been delighted with sales and returning customers for the second and third in the White Gates series.

In October 2017 I am travelling to the USA, visiting Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. This is all very exciting for a writer who has never been to the west coast of the States before. I am hoping that the process is not too exacting – sadly, the business of airports and queueing, as well as sitting in a single seat for hours is not quite the same thing as stepping through a White Gate! Maybe one day the science will catch up with the fiction… :)

There is also the possibility of another visit to Juba, South Sudan before Christmas – all this and the publication of The Spark, too! I think I am going to arrange any promotions and official releases until the new year – but it shouldn’t be long now before the book will be available on Amazon Kindle, and the paperback out before Christmas ready for your stockings.

Don’t forget the free additional White Gates adventure, Cutting Edge, available online HERE.

What next?

The White Gates Adventures end with The Spark. However, the writing goes on. The work in progress is a story about five young people (aged sixteen) with an unusual ability to tumble into a fifth dimension. Inevitably, they get caught up in some rather uncomfortable and challenging situations… The working title is: When the World Turned Over but, as with all of these things that might change. Watch this space.

Speaking Engagements

If you would like me to come and speak to your group or at your event, I would be pleased to receive an invitation. I can speak either about my writing or my links in South Sudan, or a combination of both. I sell books at these events with 33% going to a charity – either one of your choice or Confident Children (see below).
Distance is not usually a problem – I like an adventure and don’t seek expenses! I am looking forward to an invitation from Scotland, perhaps, or maybe France (I can manage a bit of French).

Confident Children out of Conflict, South Sudan

I work as an international consultant for Bishop Gwynne College in Juba, South Sudan and try and visit “Confident Children out of Conflict there.
This project helps girls of all ages who are at risk. Most of them have been living on the streets in Juba. They come to the centre traumatised, abused, hungry and in ill-health. The centre takes them in, addresses their immediate problems, pays for them to go to school if they are of school age, gives them counselling, and, above all, love. Dedicated care is given by the project leader, Catherine, and her team of volunteers that are both local and from around the world.
The project is entirely dependent on the gifts of caring people. I give a percentage of the direct sales of my books and, combined with donations, I have so far handed over £1,120.92.
 I, and they, are enormously grateful for this support. It is a drop in the ocean in South Sudan, but it is changing the lives of a few girls whose future would otherwise be very bleak indeed.
So, if you want to help, buy more books(!) – or send a donation either through me, or direct:

Trevor Stubbs